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Psoas Pacify Pose - Legs over a chair

Biological graphic illustration of the psoas muscle
Psoas Muscle

Now You Never Need an Excuse to Put Your Feet Up!

What is your nervous system?

"The network of nerve cells and fibres which transmits nerve impulses between parts of the body." - Oxford Dictionary

What is your "fight, flight, & freeze response?"- Cleaveland Clinic Article

The FFF response is the 0-60 in a nano-second 1/2 of the nervous system that gets us up and going when we need to. Unfortunately, it does this equally for lions and emails.

What is the psoas muscle? *Anatomy - YJ Article

The psoas (so-az) is a muscle that connects the legs to the pelvis. It also "rounds" and "arches" the lower back.

It is often called the "first responder" stress muscle. It curls us into a ball and also gets us ready to run.

What "stresses"/contracts the Psoas?

Any thought of stress or anxiety and sitting, driving, or being on a Zoom call*. *This can also cause back pain

What relaxes or releases the Psoas?

Relaxation Legs on a “chair” pose, also called “legs up” in yoga

What you need:

A floor (with carpet or blanket) and chair/sofa/bed and a pillow/blanket/towel.

Step by Step*

  1. Lie on your back with your feet over a chair, sofa, or bed.

  2. Place a small pillow or blanket under your head.

  3. STAY. 5-15mins.

  4. If you feel pain or pressure under the hips place an additional blanket or towel under the pelvis.

  5. REPEAT 5-7 times a week before bed.

  6. The amazing Jillian Pransky gives a video tutorial available here: Settling-the-psoas Check it out for a detailed explanation. 

*Stop if you feel lightheaded and always seek medical attention if needed


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