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Client Testimonials

Of course it goes without saying, that all client's information is highly confidential, so it's even more humbling, that some of them feel able to share their experiences of working with me. Here are just a few of their kind words;

After the sudden death of my dad I thought I just couldn’t go on. My mom was also really overwhelmed, and I didn’t know who to talk to. I learned a lot about myself from my work with Cleandra and now feel closer to him than ever. Cleandra helped me to change the relationship with my dad into something new, so that I could move forward and go back to school. Some days are still really hard, but I know I’ll be ok.


I started to work with Cleandra after years with an expensive New York psychiatrist that just didn't seem to help me feel better. I was 44, in a rut and had lost two important jobs and still wasn't in a meaningful relationship. I was starting to feel hopeless. Cleandra cut right to the heart of the issue, that I didn’t even know was there! She shows me so much empathy and insight. She really talks to me and challenges me to work on things that no one else has noticed. Everything isn't fixed yet, but she has helped me see that maybe life isn't supposed to be perfect. However, we find our happiness in the mess.


Having worked in the entertainment business for forty years, I have worked with a range of very accomplished people. Cleandra easily fits with the cream of that group. Aside from her talent, she is as accountable as anyone I have ever worked with. Her impeccable character sets the bar for all transactions, financial or otherwise. Cleandra is, by all accounts, disciplined, resourceful and enterprising. Each session was guided by her own extremely high personal standards. She was resourceful, creative, and disciplined in her approach, and conscientious in her methodology. She was tireless in evolving her practice -- whether it be in her study of neurobiology, anatomy, new research on cutting-edge somatic techniques, or explorations of the relationship between the mind and body.


Cleandra is amazing. We went to her because we were having issues with our communication, especially when it came to raising our biracial children. Her help was truly meaningful and gave us new ways to parent together! She really listened and didn’t judge us no matter how upset we were in sessions. She explained that we were just coming from two sides of the same coin – we both just wanted what was best for our family. We are so glad we found her.

K& J

Cleandra is an honest, passionate, and deep-thinking therapist. Her dedication to detail and helping you uncover your truth is extraordinary


I experienced nothing but warmth and compassion over the two years I attended therapy sessions as her client. She gained my trust and gave me an incredible experience of personal and professional growth


Ready to Book?

If you feel ready to book a session with me, then please click on the How to Book link to see the options.  If you're still unsure, then please feel free to send me an email in the first instance.  I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

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